“Buy Palestine” narrative under construction

Mount of Temptation, Restaurant View, Nov 2015
Workers at Nakheel Palestine, Nov 2015
From L-R: Samir Hulileh, CEO, Padico Holding; Samir Abdullah, Director of Research, Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS); Andrei Mikhnev, Deputy Practice Manager for Trade and Competitiveness in the Middle East, World Bank; Kito de Boer, Head of Mission, Office of the Quartet; Roberto Valent, Special Representative, United Nations Development Programme/Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People — Nov 2015
PalTrade Exporter Week on display, Nov 2015
Exalt Technologies, Nov 2015
L to R: Ahmad Aweidah, CEO, Palestine Exchange; Ammar Aker, CEO, Paltel — June 2011
Above and below: Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company, Nov 2015
Above: Palolea Olive Fig Leaf Extract Supplier at Jericho Industrial Park Below: Palolea Founder and CEO Hitham Kayali with fig leaf harvest, Jericho Industrial Park, Nov 2015
Arafat’s Tomb, Nov 2015
The Speakers Corner, Nov 2015
Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Nov 2015




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